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Arsenal F.C. - Book Selection

At The Football Ground we are constantly researching and writing about football history that has already been made, as well as searching for links to breaking football news.

We have put this football book selection together to cover the history of the Arsenal Football Club

This process includes finding and reviewing relevant football books which are available through amazon as both hard-copy and/or Kindle items. By clicking through to items via this website - available to all users for free - The Football Ground earns a small royalty to support its research programme. At the same The Football Ground accepts no responsibility for any external transactions between users of this site and any or all third-parties.

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First Football Histories: The Arsenal FC story

The Arsenal FC story is the first in the First Football Histories series of books from The Football Ground. It is not intended to be a comprehensive history of Arsenal FC from training ground to trophy cabinet. It is written as a story for the fans – a narrative of characters, scenes and events that provides an introduction to some key moments in the club’s history; from their humble origins in Woolwich as ‘Dial Square’ in 1886 to its status as one of the English Premier League's leading football clubs.

With their pioneering approach being coupled to the insight and imagination of a few key individuals along the way, the club has made the long journey from an armaments factory in South-East London to the entertaining of millions of football fans worldwide: a truly global brand.

Aimed at teenagers and above, it is hoped that, as the flow of history weaves its way in and out of times and places, readers will step off at different points and explore more about football clubs, competitions, countries and players for themselves - as well as the general social and political history providing the backdrop to each tale.

Unlike other football history books, the First Football Histories series will be updated at the end of each season and so will never fall out-of-date.

You can find reviews of this book on amazon as well as on the independent football writing site football book reviews.

Just search for the title or Mark Rasdall in any amazon store and the titles will appear. You can download the digital version to a Kindle or Kindle app on PC, iPad, iPhone and other devices.

Readers in the UK can click on either of these links to purchase digital or print editions directly from amazon.

The print edition is also available from all good bookshops, worldwide.

ISBN: 9781537018119



Arsenal F.C. : A Selection of Books available on amazon

Title: Arsene Wenger: The Inside Story of Arsenal Under Wenger

Author: John Cross

Published: August 2016

Title: The Wenger Revolution: Twenty Years of Arsenal

Author: Amy Lawrence

Published: September 2016

Title: Invincible: Inside Arsenal's Unbeaten 2003-2004 Season

Author: Amy Lawrence

Published: May 2015

Title: Highbury: The Story of Arsenal In N.5

Author: Jon Spurling

Published: August 2014

Title: The Romford Pelé: It's only Ray Parlour's autobiography

Author: Ray Parlour

Published: May 2016

Title: Arsenal: The Making of a Modern Superclub

Author: Alex Fynn

Published: August 2011

Title: Stillness and Speed: My Story

Author: Dennis Bergkamp

Published: May 2014

Title: Thierry Henry - Lonely at the top

Author: Philippe Auclair

Published: July 2003

Title: Rebels for the Cause: The Alternative History of Arsenal Football Club

Author: Jon Spurling

Published: September 2004

Title: Ian Wright - a life in football

Author: Ian Wright

Published: September 2016

Title: Rocky: The Tears and Triumphs of David Rocastle

Author: James Leighton

Published: May 2016

Title: The Arsenal Miscellany

Author: Adam Gold

Published: October 2012

Title: Arsenal On This Day: History, Facts and Figures from Every Day of the Year

Author: Paul Donnelley

Published: August 2009

Title: Arsène Wenger: The Biography

Author: Xavier Rivoire

Published: August 2008

Title: Arsenal Football Club: From Woolwich to Whittaker

Author: Brian Glanville

Published: July 2011

Title: Fever Pitch

Author: Nick Hornby

Published: August 2012

Title: Alan Ball: The Man in White Boots: The biography of the youngest 1966 World Cup Hero

Author: David Tossell

Published: September 2017

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