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Burnley F.C. - Book Selection

At The Football Ground we are constantly researching and writing about football history that has already been made, as well as searching for links to breaking football news.

We have put this football book selection together to cover the history of the Burnley FC Football Club.

This process includes finding and reviewing relevant football books which are available through amazon as both hard-copy and/or Kindle items. By clicking through to items via this website - available to all users for free - The Football Ground earns a small royalty to support its research programme. At the same The Football Ground accepts no responsibility for any external transactions between users of this site and any or all third-parties.

We are already getting a lot of traffic through these sections of our site, leading to football book sales. If your book is not listed here but available on the amazon platform, please send us details via our Contact Us page and we'd be happy to list it free of charge.

You can use the main site search button (top-right of each page) to also search for author or player/manager names at any time.

Title: Champions: The Story of Burnley's Instant Return to the Premier League 

Author: Dave Thomas

Published: August 2016

Title: WITH HEADS HELD HIGH: Burnley FC's Second Tilt At The Premier League

Author: Peter Haworth

Published: October 2015

Title: Who Says Football Doesn't Do Fairytales?: How Burnley Defied the Odds to Join the Elite

Author: Dave Thomas

Published: August 2014

Title: The Burnley FC Miscellany

Author: David Wiseman

Published: January 2012

Title: Never Had It So Good: Burnley's Incredible 1959/60 League Title Triumph

Author: Tim Quelch

Published: August 2015

Title: Another Tilt at the Big Time: Burnley FC's 2014/15 Premier League Campaign

Author: Stephen Cummings

Published: October 2015

Title: The Road to Glory: Burnley's FA Cup Triumph in 1914

Author: Mike Smith

Published: February 2014

Title: Season to Remember: Burnley 1959/60

Author: Bill Evans

Published: November 2002

Title: Burnley Were Back!!

Author: Stephen Cummings

Published: June 1996

Title: Jimmy Adamson: The Man Who Said No to England

Author: Dave Thomas

Published: August 2013

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