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Everton F.C. - Book Selection

At The Football Ground we are constantly researching and writing about football history that has already been made, as well as searching for links to breaking football news.

We have put this football book selection together to cover the history of the Everton Football Club.

This process includes finding and reviewing relevant football books which are available through amazon as both hard-copy and/or Kindle items. By clicking through to items via this website - available to all users for free - The Football Ground earns a small royalty to support its research programme. At the same The Football Ground accepts no responsibility for any external transactions between users of this site and any or all third-parties.

We are already getting a lot of traffic through these sections of our site, leading to football book sales. If your book is not listed here but available on the amazon platform, please send us details via our Contact Us page and we'd be happy to list it free of charge.

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Everton F.C. : A Selection of Books available on amazon

Title: Here We Go: Everton in the 1980s

Author: Simon Hart

Published: August 2016

Title: Highs, Lows and Bakayokos: Everton in the 1990s

Author: Jim Keoghan

Published: August 2016

Title: Born Not Manufactured

Author: Ken Rogers

Published: August 2016

Title: Everton Encyclopedia, The

Author: James Corbett

Published: September 2012

Title: A Life As A Bluenose: The story of an Evertonian

Author: Anthony Hogan

Published: November, 2015

Title: Everton Crazy: Sixty Seasons, Two Million Miles

Author: David France

Published: September 2016

Title: For The Boys In The Royal Blue Jersey

Author: Steve Zocek

Published: August 2016

Title: A Different Road

Author: Bob Latchford

Published: September 2015

Title: Legacy: The Autobiography of Tim Cahill

Author: Tim Cahill

Published: November 2015

Title: In Search of Duncan Ferguson: The Life and Crimes of a Footballing Enigma

Author: Alan Pattullo

Published: July 2015

Title: Love Affairs & Marriage: My Life in Football

Author: Howard Kendall

Published: August 2013

Title: Harry Catterick: The Untold Story of a Football Great

Author: Rob Sawyer

Published: October 2014

Title: Looking for the Toffees: In Search of the Heroes of Everton

Author: Brian Viner

Published: March 2015

Title: Neville Southall : The Binman Chronicles

Author: Neville Southall

Published: July 2015

Title: The Keeper: A Life of Saving Goals and Achieving Them

Author: Tim Howard

Published: July 2015

Title: Everton FC On This Day: History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year

Author: Neil Roberts

Published: October 2012

Title: So Good I Did it Twice: Kevin Sheedy My Life from Left Field

Author: Kevin Sheedy

Published: April 2014

Title: My Memories of Everton by Kevin Ratcliffe

Author: Kevin Ratcliffe

Published: October 2003

Title: Everton Miscellany, The

Author: Mark O'Brien

Published: October 2012

Title: A Life As A Bluenose: The story of an Evertonian

Author: Anthony Hogan

Published: November 2015

Title: When Football Was Football: Everton: A Nostalgic Look at a Century of the Club

Author: Michael Heatley

Published: January 2012

Title: Everton FC 1890-91: The First Kings of Anfield

Author: Mark Metcalf

Published: July 2013

Title: Goodison Maestros: The 50 Greatest Everton Players Since 1945

Author: Dean Hayes

Published: December 2002

Title: Evertonians The Chosen Few: We are born, we do not choose

Author: Cliff Green

Published: September 2013

Title: Everton F.C.: Return to the Hill Country: The Development of Everton F.C. During the Reign of Queen Victoria

Author: Tony Onslow

Published: September 2009

Title: Alan Ball: The Man in White Boots: The biography of the youngest 1966 World Cup Hero

Author: David Tossell

Published: September 2017

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