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    Football History
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As creators and curators of football content, our overall ambition at The Football Ground is to ensure that fans can easily find and share football news and opinion and that the football history that is made today is not forgotten tomorrow.

We are especially keen to highlight individuals in our articles and books who were football heroes - even legends - of their day and, in every case, also played their own parts in creating the wider fabric of social and political history.

Football stories are full of victories and defeats but life's tragedies sometimes overshadow even the finest hours spent in football grounds. Everyone has a tale to tell and our contribution to football is to ensure that individual football histories continue to be narrated, even as those voices fall silent.

First Football Briefs

Our First Football Brief series looks at different football matches and regular football fixtures throughout history, highlighting key players, managers and football facts. 


Football Articles

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First Football Reads

First Football Reads is an extension of our Football Articles series and includes recommended articles and links to pieces covering football history and, especially, football grounds 


Football Reads

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First Football Histories

The Arsenal FC Story and The Chelsea FC Story are the first titles in the First Football Histories series of books from The Football Ground – available from amazon in hard copy and digital formats – featuring concise histories of football clubs, competitions and countries.

The books aim to tell the key football stories, including brief geographies of the places concerned, as well as major, global historical events that were taking place at the same time.

Easily-affordable, these books make ideal introductions to football history for new football fans and older fans wanting to quickly check their facts. They are independent, unofficial football histories and are not endorsed, authorised, licensed or in any other way approved by any club or other third-party.



Football Football Bookshop

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First Football Years

We are building a football history database of key facts and statistics by year. Each page will take a year in history and provide a snapshot of domestic league and cup winners and runners-up by country, as well as international football tournaments taking place in those years.

You can also view our football history timeline here.

Historical Database

Football Years

History of football years
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