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(30th July, 2015)

The Football Ground Limited is a company registered in England and Wales under company number 9318864.

Registered Office: 97A High Street, Worcester WR1 2HW

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Burwell Web Communications. Company No. 7049696. VAT Reg No.979 9669 11



The website portal: History in the making

The Football Ground Website at www.thefootballground.com is a free to use service providing dashboards of links to freely-available breaking news and comment on external football websites, organised by clubs, competitions and countries. As curators of content we act as an aggregating site providing a vibrant, visual, one-stop global portal for football content collections.

Our intention is to make it easier and save time for users when searching for relevant online football content which is already being provided by third-party sites. We also want them to be able to come back to our site to use those same links over and over again and without the need to bookmark or add to their own favourites across multiple devices.

The site is perhaps best seen as a newsstand i.e. users get a glimpse of the latest football stories from the thumbnails which refresh regularly and can then make their own choices to click and view more information. Soby using The Football Ground, fans will have access to the very latest breaking news stories for football clubs, competitions and countries, as other sites update them, all from the one page.

We want to connect users to relevant content they might not know about – especially for overseas users who may only be aware of international newsbrands - and/or give alternative views on stories they read. In particular we don’t want football fans to have to rely on or waste time in e.g. skimming the first one or two pages of search engine results over and over again

In a world of RSS feeds, not every football fan knows about or uses these and, if they do, will usually only view material from their favourite club. In providing fans with links to other club information they can easily find links to breaking news, social comment, directions to grounds for any away club they are visiting.

The site will also enable fans to place this information side by side to simultaneously watch social media streams during matches between clubs or countries. With a fully-responsive design the site is optimised for mobile devices and tablets as well as desktops.

We intend the site to have a rolling, digital launch with crowdsourcing bringing feedback from fans and ideas for new content.


Site Use and Navigation: Videos

Navigating the website

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The books: Turn the pages of football history

We are planning to publish a series of football history books in digital and hard-copy format, for which our free online site acts as a platform to both publicise our titles and to store advance request information from interested parties and potential purchasers of those books.

Our first series - First Football Histories – will feature concise histories of football clubs, competitions and countries. The books will aim to tell the key football stories, including brief geographies of the places concerned, as well as major, global historical events that were taking place at the same time. With infographics and illustrations throughout our aim is to make content as accessible as possible for learning purposes.

Easily-affordable, they will make ideal introductions to football history for new football fans and older fans wanting to quickly check their facts.

From each book, readers will be encouraged to go to The Football Ground website to stay abreast of football history currently being made.

The first two titles in the series - The Arsenal FC Story and The Chelsea FC Story have been published and are available on amazon in print and Kindle formats.

If you have any queries, comments or feedback about the Website, please do go to our Contact Us page

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